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Munna Mushtaq is one the most famous and renown name in Pakistan entertainment industry. He has been known as one of the best, influential and leading photographer around the globe. He started of his career 15 years ago as a model. Later he established and demonstrated himself as a professional photographer with his distinctive and extra ordinary approach towards photography.

He has done various photo-shoots for the brands including Jewellery, Clothing, Food, Salons, Dessert bar and Spa. Moreover, he also has a reputable name when it comes to wedding photo-shoot.

Munna Mushtaq is multi-talented and he has proved himself in all the fields he has attempted. He is an all-rounder, he does not only have a remarkable name in photography but also has been successful as an art director, stylist, and lighting expert and highly creative. He makes customize sets as per to the requirement and feel of the brand. Recently, he has entered in to singing and fortunately has received positive response.

Munna Mushtaq has been affiliated with top professional companies as a branding and imagery consultant in order to execute projects.

Munna Mushtaq is one of the magnificent and outstanding star we have in our Pakistan industry. He has proved himself in every field he opted. He has also proved himself as a blessing in the music industry. He got a training from one of the well-known classical singer Tanveer Khan Sahab. He is one of the versatile singer and proved himself by giving a huge hit “shayad ye pyaar hai”.


What I Can


Munna Mushtaq offers a complete range of professional photography. He has been known for translating his visions and ambitions into reality.


Munna Mushtaq is one of the top leading model in the Pakistan industry. He has utmost and finest angles and knows how to utilize them. He has a proficient grooming style that differs him from others.


Munna Mushtaq is a complete package when it comes to creativity. He collectively puts every element together for a specific plan and project.


Munna Mushtaq has a got an extra ordinary and unique style in singing field as well. He has both, talent and passion that assures that he would have bright future in this field.

Brand Imagery Consultant

Munna Mushtaq has a promising attitude with the brands he has been affiliated with that makes him exceptional and remarkable.

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